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时间 Studio 标题 Critic(s) Department
9:10am 1401 Adrift and Indeterminate: Designing for Perpetual Migration on Virginia's Eastern Shore Gary Hilderbrand Landscape Architecture
9:20am 1305 An American Section Kersten Geers, David Van Severen Architecture
9:30am 1304 Adapting Miami – Housing on the Transect Eric Howeler, Corey Zehngebot Architecture
9:40am 1504 Feeding Boston Eulalia Gomez Escoda Urban Planning and Design
9:50am 1306 Laboratory School, Stacking, Pragmatism, … Hilary Sample Architecture
10:00am 1403 Manifestos for Building the Utopia Loreta Castro, Gabriela Carrillo Landscape Architecture
10:10am 1307 Groundless Andrew Zago Architecture
10:20am 1309 Reflective Nostalgia: Alternative Futures For Shanghai's Shikumen Heritage Lyndon Neri, Rossana Hu Architecture
10:30am 1502 Affordability Now! Daniel D'Oca Urban Planning and Design
10:40am 1310 A Typology of Knowledges Eric Lapierre Architecture
10:50am 1405 The Immeasurable Enclosure Sergio Lopez-Pineiro Landscape Architecture
11:00am 1303 Type vs. Difference: The Function of a 21st-century Residential Block Farshid Moussavi Architecture
11:10am 1503 Newness and Synchronicity: Visions For Novi Sad 2050 Alex Wall Urban Planning and Design
11:20am 1311 Domestic Orbits Frida Escobedo Architecture
11:30am 1301 Post-Shaker Preston Scott Cohen Architecture
11:40am 1404 Social Operative Infrastructure: Sustainable Water Models in Chile Eugenio Simonetti, Tomas Folch Landscape Architecture
11:50am 1302 Habitat Kashgar Zhang Ke Architecture
12:00pm 1402 Geographical Reenchantment: Swiss Landscape Interventions between Atmosphere, Function + Experience Robin Winogrond Landscape Architecture
12:10pm 1308 Cross Rhythm (New House in New Orleans) Go Hasegawa Architecture
12:20pm 1501 Housing & Infrastructure in Yucatán: Beyond the Mayan Train Jose Castillo Urban Planning and Design
12:30pm 1406 FALLOWSCAPES, Territorial Reconfiguration Strategies for Arles, France Anita Berrizbeitia, Marc Armengaud, Matthias Armengaud Landscape Architecture

Updated 08/29/2019